Road and MTB Holidays
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Pure Riding Bike Holidays
Road and MTB
Road and MTB Holidays
Explore our packages:
Pure Riding Bike Holidays
Road and MTB
Road and MTB Holidays
Explore our packages:
Pure Riding Bike Holidays
Road and MTB
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PureRiding Holidays

Pure Riding is a biking travel agency and gravity bike park based in Girona (Catalonia).

We began our adventure in 2014 with the aim of providing the best bike tour experiences both on and off-road.

Once you land in Catalonia, all you will have to think about is pedalling while we take care of the rest – transfers, car assistance during the routes, mechanical assistances, supplies, experienced guides, accommodation, knowledge of the best restaurants…

We have everything you need to make your trip an extraordinary experience.

Road Trips

We offer road cycling trips throughout the year.

From the great ports of the Alps and Pyrenees in Summer, to the empty and warm roads of the most demanded Mediterranean cycling destinations in Winter. All our spots are desirable by pro and amateurs alike.

Choose the one that best suites you and let us provide you to an unforgettable experiences.

MTB Trips

At Pure Riding, we organise MTB trips all year round.

XC, Enduro or Downhill, whatever your preferred mode of bike, we offer a variety of paradisiacal off-road trails and terrains. Discover the magical landscapes of the Girona region in balmy winter climates, or on the height of the summer haze, lose yourself in the daring escapades of the Mont Blanc tour.

All you have to do is ride, we take care of the rest.


Pure Riding collaborates with professional rental shops that offer a wide variety of bikes, so depending on the trip you choose, we can supply the bike that best accommodates your needs and desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my trip according to my level?

On mountain bike trips, the level marked in blue (1,2,3,4) means the technical level of the routes.

  1. Beginner: Little experience of singletracks. Maybe you have plenty of experience riding on wider paths off road but you don´t often ride on narrow singletracks.
  2. Intermediate: You generally ride singletracks but if it gets steep or rocky you might walk some sections. You might enjoy the Red and Blue marked routes
  3. Advanced: You rarely walk sections, you enjoy the hardest routes at trail centers and seek out technical challenges. You have probably had a biking holiday abroad before. You rarely walk any trail features.
  4. Expert: As for advanced but you are able to tackle technical sections with speed and commitment. For you it´s not just about riding a section, it´s about how much speed and flow you can carry.

On road trips the level is for the hardness of activity related to accumulated unevenness and kilometers.

  1. Daily routes for begginers, you rarely go training with your bike but you like to do ecological tourism on wheels. Routes on assisted bike or short routes of 40km / day.
  2. You like to cycle but you don’t have many time to train at home. The routes planned on this trips are abuout 50-65km per day.
  3. You train between 2 and 4 days per week. You are able to ride long rides with 900-1100m of slope. Some days will be 70 and some others of 100km.
  4. You train very often, you are looking for long rides. Daily routes from 95 to 150km.
Are non-riders welcome on trips?
Pure Riding organizes vacations for riders and non-riders alike. All of our packages are priced per rider person. If you want to come with a companion who does not ride a bike, we will offer other possible activities/leisure to fill his/her day.


Do I need travel protection?

To travel with Pure Riding everyone needs to have an accident insurance with coverage in the country that you gonna have your holidays. Also is advisable that you get a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.

If you don’t have your own, we can offer a accident and travel protection plan that helps provide coverage.


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